Wrongful Termination


Loss of employment has been recognized as one of the top five stressors in life. Negotiation of the terms of that separation can ease that stress. Although not all unfair or unjust terminations are illegal, Patty has successfully negotiated agreements for clients facing wrongful discharge. Early intervention in this process, sometimes even before discharge decisions are made, can assist the client’s successful transition to new employment and leave past conflicts in the past. Patty also assists clients in evaluating whether their employment conflicts can be investigated, addressed, and resolved through methods other than litigation and will often focus on pursuing those methods first.

Severance and Separation Agreements

Many severance agreements are drafted by employers with one-sided language and terms favoring them. Patty has negotiated hundreds of severance agreements – leveling the playing field and holding employers to promises regarding severance pay, references, outplacement assistance, continued health insurance, and insuring unemployment compensation. She strives to ensure a successful transition without any reputational harm to the employee.